•  Digital Billboards
  •  Ad Layout Pricing
    DIGITAL OUTDOOR BILLBOARDBASIC AD LAYOUT $50.00 - Client to supply all photos / images required to be in the ad. - Final digital file must be sent ready for ad insertion - Send RGB color file in .jpg file - See file dimensions under the billboard photos on this page. CUSTOM AD LAYOUT $75.00 Starting price
- If you do not have design capabilities and we are designing from scratch. Prices may vary if purchasing stock images versus creating custom artwork. P would be negotiated before commencing. ALREADY HAVE AN AD? Do you already have an ad but want to discuss placement? 
Contact us and ask about our. . . NEW CUSTOMER PROMOTION. If Your ad is approved (at our discretion), 
Your First Day Ad Rotation at One Location is FREE. There will only be a limited number of spots available for our promotion. 
This offer will expire May 5, 2019. OTHER LOCATIONS ALSO AVAILABLE. Approximately 4 are on the freeway. For more information call or text: 323-994-0040 or email jason@jesims.com *Disclaimer: ALL ads submitted for NEW CUSTOMER PROMOTION and any ads submitted for digital outdoor advertising are subject to review by billboard owner and if for any reason they are not deemed acceptable the ad will be rejected. Non-acceptability can range from content of ad, the actual product or service, layout not professional or any reason at sole discretion of owner.
  •  Billboard Locations
    Crenshaw Digital Billboard location: Crenshaw Blvd just north of El Segundo Blvd. (Island in center of street - Visible to N & S bound traffic) Ad Dimesions: 1522 x 472 pixels
    Hawthorne Digital Billboard location: Hawthorne Blvd just south of El Segundo Blvd. (Island in center of street - Visible to N & S bound traffic) Ad Dimesions: 1304 x 622 pixelsAdditional Billboard Locations: Hawthorne, West Athens, Compton,Lynwood, Downey, Pico Rivera, Carson, West Covina, Buena Park and Duarte. Several are on the freeway as well. For more information give us a call @ 323-994-0040